Until the last cage is empty!


The Animal Defence Alliance (ADA) is fighting against the mistreatment and exploitation of animals. Animals are helplessly exposed to unfathomable atrocities. If you look the other way and remain silent, you are complicit. We all have responsibility!

"The world is not threatened by the people who are evil, but by those who allow evil. " Albert Einstein

The Animal Defense Alliance calls to join forces in the defence of animals.


Goals and Strategy


In Germany and Europe, ADA advocates laws that do not just bear the protection of animals in their name. She aims to achieve significant improvements to existing EU regulations and national legislation on so-called “livestock farming”.

At the societal level, the ADA is seeking a paradigm shift in human interactions with animals so that animals are no longer viewed as objects for human exploitation but as individuals who bear a set of inalienable rights.



In addition, by educating the public about the environmental, social and health impacts of meat and dairy production and consumption of these products, the ADA will help to promote education and revision of traditional diets.

For this purpose, the ADA is deliberately trying to influence the public, the media, the economy and politics. Thereto information brochures are distributed throughout Europe, campaigns are run on social networks, events and demonstrations are organized and projects of other organizations with the same goals are actively supported.