Stefan mit Riese

Stefan Bernhard Eck

Stefan has lived vegetarian since the last century and been vegan for almost two decades. In Germany, he is known for the fight for animal rights. Since his election to European Parliament, he is also known in Brussels. There he caught attention for his successful campaign for rabbit welfare in the Parliament.



Sandra Gabriel

For decades, Sandra has been fighting for human and animal rights wholeheartedly. She strives to adjust her actions according to preference utilitarianism. She is mainly occupied with photo journalism. You can follow Sandra’s take on current issues and news here.


Didem Aydurmus PhD

Didem has always been interested in questions of justice. As political scientist, she studied ethics and the politics of environmental protection. She has been active for animal rights for a while now and calls herself a generalist.



UTA Lüdtke

Through her grandparents, who were both strict vegetarians and active members of the early animal rights movement but also through her mother, who used to care for wild animals, Uta almost absorbed the idea of animal rights with her mother's milk. As a child, she had injured and orphaned animals together with her mother as a child, and at the age of 7, she began to keep rabbits and to deal with their needs. In the meantime, Uta started studying social pedagogy, has been a rabbit keeper for more than 26 years and is active in the field of rabbit protection, animal rescue and animal rights.